• Sky Viper Drone

    Are you interested in drones? If your answer to this question is yes, then this article is for you. I will help you get all the knowledge you seek on the best drone manufacturing company. According to a newspaper article written by PRNewswire dated October 11, 2017, Skyrocket was listed as the number one manufacturer and seller of toy drones. According to the CEO at Skyrocket, Nelo Lucich, the mission of Skyrocket is to make sure that they push the envelope on what is possible in the creation of an affordable drone every time. Each Sky Viper drone (reviewed here by Dronesbuy.net) manufactured by Skyrocket company are colorful, cheap and are fun for people of all ages, this is that

  • Hot wheels racing drones have their concepts and even hardware from several decades ago. They are popular amongst a large fan base, even to this date. A lot of the owners of the drones set, treasure the racing drones. Most of the die-hard fans of these drones have the entire set intact over the years. The collection holds incredible value to the fans. All cars looks cool, thanks to funky designing that dates back to decades old craziness. The cars had amazing funkiness quotient and the brand has a value. Let’s see more about these treasures in this special post. Hot Wheels Hot Wheels is a brand introduced by Mattel, the American toy maker. The brand was introduced in 1968 and

  • Back in my day all I wanted was a remote control car that didn’t have a wire connected to it. A remote control car that I could race up and down my street while I sat on the sidewalk arguing with my friends about which car was faster. Luckily there were magazines with reviews on them and I spent days searching through any magazine I came across until I finally found my perfect car. I was eternally grateful for those articles and reviews and luckily I have never forgotten how useful I found them and am now it is my duty to help the next generation achieve their dream of being a pioneer in the next frontier, the quadcopter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOmFJ8Hn11I

  • Storm Racing Drone TypeA V3

    Thinking about purchasing the Storm Racing Drone?  If so, there are a few things you should know before ultimately pulling the trigger.  In the following article we will cover several things you need to consider before purchasing the Storm Racing Drone, including the many features this popular drone is equipped with; the various places you can purchase this drone; the investments you may need to make upfront before flying your drone; and some of the legalities you should be aware of surrounding drone flight. Storm Racing Drone:  Features The company that makes the Storm Racing Drone, also known as the Storm Type-A, recently released its Version 5 model of this popular Quadcopter, an upgrade that included all the latest electronics

  •   Also known as FPV (First- person view or video) drone racing, is a motorsport type of race that participants control drones that are equipped with cameras while wearing head-mounted displays. These displays are live streaming feeds that come from the drone. This type of racing is like the full -size air racing. The goal is to complete the course as fast as you can. It was an amateur sport that started in late 2014 in Australia.